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3-6 months

Lift and Tighten without Surgery

Eminence Medical Aesthetics offers Ultherapy®  in Princeton, NJ. Ultherapy has been named the “Best Skin Tightening Device” by THE Aesthetic Guide, a leading aesthetic industry publication. It is the only FDA- cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens face, chin, neck, chest and body.  Think of Ultherapy as your best non-surgical face-lift solution! It works its magic by delivering targeted ultrasound waves of energy at the same depth usually addressed by plastic surgeons during surgery, but without incisions or disruptions to your skins surface.  This intense and targeted energy stimulates the growth of fresh new collagen and strengthens weak collagen.  Following treatment you will see an initial effect, but more significant results appear over 2-3 months and continue for up to a year as new collagen builds, gradually lifting and contouring the treated skin.  We monitor and document your progress for up to a year to  ensure treatment results are being realized as expected.  A single treatment will help to reverse years of aging, and regular maintenance will slow down future consequences of environmental damage and aging.

Ultherapy can also be combined with Botox, fillers  and PDO Threads to deliver instant results while your body works to achieve the treatments full potential and long-term benefits.  It is an ideal option for those displaying mild to moderate symptoms of aging and wish to delay or avoid more invasive procedures such as cosmetic surgery. There is no downtime following treatment. Any discomfort during the procedure is managed with numbing and oral medication.

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a safe and gentle treatment designed to tighten and lift the skin using low-risk ultrasound technology. This technology can tighten and transform the appearance of your skin around your eyebrows, your neck or beneath your chin. In addition, Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared nonsurgical skin-tightening procedure that has recently been approved to treat symptoms of aging like fine lines and wrinkles on the upper chest or decolletage.

What are the benefits of Ultherapy?

If you wish to improve a wide range of signs of aging from lines, folds and wrinkles to loose and sagging skin, but would also like to avoid the invasiveness and downtime of surgical procedure, Ultherapy may be the perfect solution for you. Ultherapy is ideal for men and women who want to restore natural youthfulness to their appearance but prefer noninvasive treatments. An Ultherapy treatment at Eminence Medical Aesthetics offers the following benefits to our anti-aging patients: Natural-looking rejuvenation results on the face, neck and upper chest Stimulates new collagen production for younger-looking skin Minimal to no discomfort from the treatment Achieve optimal results from a single treatment session Little to no side effects Little to no downtime needed for recovery Results without surgery or other invasive cosmetic procedures Safe ultrasound technology Treatment combines well with additional treatments for enhanced results

What can I expect from my Ultherapy treatment?

An Ultherapy treatment does not require much time, but can still produce both transformational and beautiful results for your skin. Prior to your treatment, your provider will clean and prep your treatment areas to ensure no dirt or debris will impede on the Ultherapy application. Your provider will then apply a gel to your skin to help facilitate the movements of the Ultherapy wand across your chosen treatment areas. Using the Ultherapy wand, your provider will use the ultrasound-imaging to identify the areas of concern and pinpoint the precise treatment depths and temperatures that will maximize the effectiveness of your procedure. Once these factors have been established, your provider will deliver the exact amount of ultrasound energy needed to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin in these areas. You will begin to feel the skin-tightening effects of Ultherapy immediately after your appointment as the treatment works to stimulate collagen production and firm your lax tissues. Since the average Ultherapy procedure lasts about an hour, you can easily schedule your appointment during your lunch break and return to work afterward, making it one of the most convenient anti-aging treatments available today.

What areas can Ultherapy treat?

Ultherapy can address mild to moderate skin laxity, as well as lines, wrinkles or sagging skin. This one-of-a-kind treatment can lift and firm the skin in the following areas with remarkably natural-looking results: The upper facial area (around the eyes and eyebrows) The lower facial area (cheeks and jawline) The full neck area The underside of the chin The decolletage In addition to skin tightening, Ultherapy is also an ideal treatment for anyone who wishes to reduce the appearance of submental fullness, otherwise known as a double chin. By lifting facial tissues, firming skin on the neck and chest and eliminating a pesky double chin, Ultherapy treatments have the potential to lift a decade off of your appearance so you can look and feel your best at any age.

When can I expect to see my Ultherapy results?

Most patients can expect to see and feel the visible improvements provided by their Ultherapy treatment immediately, in some cases, as soon as they leave our office. For most patients, however, the skin lifting and tightening effects produced by Ultherapy will gradually appear over the following weeks, with the most optimal results emerging between two to three months after your appointment. During this time, the collagen levels in your skin will continue to increase to improve upon the appearance of your complexion.

Ho many Ultherapy treatments will I need?

In most cases, the majority of patients will only need one Ultherapy treatment to achieve the aesthetic results they desire. Some patients may benefit from multiple treatments depending on their degree of skin laxity as well as how they respond to the ultrasound energy. Regardless of the number of treatments you receive, your skin will continue to age. However, you can increase the longevity of your results with regular maintenance treatments to keep your skin looking smooth and taut.

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