Recovery Time

1-2 days

Avg Session Time

20-30 minutes

Rounds of Treatment


Results Seen

4 weeks

Magically Erase Varicose and Spider Veins

Eminence Medical Aesthetics offers Sclerotherapy in Princeton, NJ. During the treatment process a syringe is used to inject FDA approved medication into veins that will displace the blood which will make the treated veins appear lighter and eventually disappear all together. After treatment, support stockings may be recommended for external compression to keep the treated veins closed and prevent blood flow. Since sclerotherapy is not painful, no anesthesia is needed. This procedure is simple, fast and safe enough to do all year, even on tanned skin. Sclerotherapy can also be performed in combination with Laser Vein Treatment, to optimize results.

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

How many sclerotherapy treatments are needed?

The number of treatments that will be needed depends on the individual. Some people need only one session, while others may need multiple treatments. If multiple treatments are needed they will be scheduled a few weeks apart. Sclerotherapy normally takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

Is Sclerotherapy safe?

Following your Sclerotherapy treatment, you may experience symptoms of mild itching, temporary tenderness, as well as bruising around the injection site. There have been rare reports of patients experiencing hyperpigmentation, which is a brown discoloration of the skin, along the vein injection area, however this will usually fade in a few weeks. Allergic reactions are also possible, so be sure to talk to your provider about any allergies you might have. Ulcerations may also form at the injection site and may take up to six weeks to heal.


Sclerotherapy can be performed on almost anyone; however, there may be hereditary or age related factors that effect results. Although most treatments are effective, there are a few patients who experience a recurrence in their varicose veins due to these factors.


Depending on the nature of you veins, Laser Vein Treatment (also offered at Eminence Medical Aesthetics) may be another treatment option recommended to you. In cases of larger varicose veins, our provider may recommend seeking surgical intervention.

How long do Sclerotherapy results last?

Sclerotherapy is an extremely effective treatment that works to close off veins. However, it is possible that someone with a hereditary predisposition will continue to develop varicose veins throughout their lifetime and maintenance treatments will be needed.

What can I excpect after Sclerotherapy treatment?

Once the Sclerotherapy procedure is complete your leg will likely be wrapped up in a compression bandage or stocking that should not be removed for approximately 48 hours. After the bandage has been removed you may notice that your legs look worse, this is to be expected at first, but you will soon start to see an improvement.

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