Galina Kotovets

Founder & Managing Director
Galina Kotovets is the Founder and Managing Director of Eminence Medical Aesthetics. What started out as a “passion project” for her in 2013, has since redirected her 16 year corporate career and blossomed into a flourishing aesthetics practice built on principles of exceptional customer service and high quality, innovative treatments. At Eminence, Galina has helped build a culture of teamwork, warmth and comprehensive treatment planning (in order to address a wide array of face/body conditions through customized treatments) . She believes in continuously evolving both the services offered as well as customer relations, in order to stay ahead of ever changing client needs and industry advancements. Galina balances her busy professional life with being a wife and mommy to three kids. During her spare time, she enjoys reading, travel, meditation and exercise.

Jennifer Zelesnick

Operations Manager
With over 25 years of multifaceted experience in healthcare administration, ranging from grouped healthcare systems to intimate specialized offices, Jennifer (“Jen Z.”) brings an abundance of knowledge in understanding client expectations in order to deliver exceptional efficiency in the day to day operations of our busy practice. Fusing her business administration background, her passion for all things beauty, and her very outgoing personality, Jen offers a winning combination of skills to effectively coordinate between and meet the demands of our clients, administration and clinical team. During her personal time, Jen loves to hang out on the beach, to cook exotic dishes, and most of all to spend time with her two beautiful daughters.

Rolanda First

Client Relations & Social Media Specialist
At Eminence Rolanda combines her extensive medical field experience, love for aesthetics and talent for communication to build and maintain a strong Eminence community and brand. Her passion for all things beauty, coupled with her deep knowledge of the latest and most innovative skin care products and services allow her to educate others, both in-person and via our social media channels, on the do’s and don'ts of aesthetic care. With Rolanda on their side, individuals learn that skincare is much more than just the occasional facial, it is indeed a lifestyle! Rolanda’s most notable achievement as of late was actually outside the office, in becoming a new mom to beautiful baby girl, Romi.

Jen Boyd

Client Concierge
Jen’s career in the beauty industry began in 2009 at MAC cosmetics where she worked as a makeup artist, eventually graduating to retail manager and even working at New York’s esteemed Fashion Week. One of Jen’s greatest joys is making clients feel like the best version of themselves, so it is no wonder that she eventually acquired the perfect role at Eminence, which allows her to merge her love of beauty, exceptional customer service skills and passion for building relationships with clients. On a personal note, Jen never underestimates the power of fabulous shoes and believes that LOVE of family is her greatest blessing.

Shawn Yunayev, MD

Founder & Medical Director
Dr. Shawn Yunayev is the Medical Director at Eminence Medical Aesthetics. His diverse background across aesthetics, nutrition, preventive medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and rehabilitation offers his patients a broader perspective and more comprehensive treatment recommendations. With his artistic eye and strong technical injection skills, he has become known for achieving very natural yet striking results that enhance one's facial harmony and natural beauty. Dr. Yunayev’s passion for aesthetics stems from wanting to give individuals an alternative to plastic surgery through minimally invasive, yet highly innovative and effective treatments that will lead to improved self image. Outside of work, Dr. Yunayev is the founder and head of the Trans-Atlantic Medical Relief fund, an international charity that brings medical care and supplies to socioeconomically impoverished countries, most notably Ukraine.

Amber Olivero, RN

Aesthetic Nurse
Amber began her career in dermatology in 2014 as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She has since developed deep expertise in neuromodulators, dermal fillers (certified through Allergan in advanced injectables), peels, and lasers, and has also obtained her degree as a Registered Nurse, further allowing her to expand the ways in which she supports her clients. At Eminence, Amber combines her dermatology expertise alongside her passion for aesthetics to create exceptional yet natural looking results to help clients reach their unique aesthetic goals. Her favorite part of the job is building relationships with clients and helping them look and feel their absolute best. She excels at delivering the perfect balance between medicine and art, and finds joy in the process. When she is not working, Amber loves to spend time with her family, work out, travel, and explore different restaurants with friends.

Karina Rivera BSN, RN

Aesthetic Nurse
Karina began her career as a medical assistant in dermatology and plastic surgery working alongside some of the most prestigious physicians in NYC since 2013. Today, Karina is a board certified Registered Nurse, exclusively practicing aesthetic medicine and working towards her Nurse practitioner degree. She has excellent experience injecting neuromodulators and dermal fillers as well as deep knowledge of lasers/devices, skin care and medical facials. She maintains her aesthetics skills sharp by regularly attending advanced training and continuously evolving her techniques to enhance safe and effective results. Outside of the office Karina enjoys playing soccer, working out, traveling and spending time with her family, most notably her 3 year old daughter.

Pamela Skaff BSN, RN

Aesthetic Nurse
Pamela (“Pam”) is an enthusiastic, hard working, dedicated Registered Nurse with a passion for creativity and helping others. She believes aesthetics is more than just treating someone's outside appearance as it's closely linked to self confidence, and she truly enjoys helping people feel good about themselves. Pam is continuously improving her treatment techniques through training and education in skin care and health. She loves the challenges this field of work brings and feels a huge sense of accomplishment when her clients feel their best, most confident selves. In her free time, Pam enjoys traveling, cooking, spending quality time with family and planning her upcoming wedding.

Christine Gambino

Aesthetic Nurse
Meet Christine Gambino, an Aesthetic Nurse extraordinaire at Eminence Medical Aesthetics. With a B.S. in exercise science and a subsequent B.S.N., Christine is well-equipped to offer a wide array of treatments, ranging from injectables to lasers, facials, and body sculpting. Her dedication to excellence in nursing was acknowledged when she was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. Christine's nursing journey commenced over four years ago in the fast-paced world of Emergency medicine, where she honed her skills in caring for those in critical need. This experience deepened her sense of purpose, ultimately guiding her to her true passion in aesthetic nursing in 2023. At Eminence Medical, Christine continues to flourish, with her sights set on a professional goal: obtaining her degree as a nurse practitioner to further elevate her expertise. Beyond her remarkable career, Christine is known for her outgoing and confident personality. She relishes quality time with her loved ones, embarking on culinary adventures, attending concerts, and creating cherished memories. When she's not working her magic in the world of aesthetics, you'll find Christine globe-trotting, immersing herself in new cultures, and savoring the wonders of the world. As a first-generation immigrant from South Korea, Christine's journey is a testament to her tenacity and determination. Recently married, she gratefully acknowledges her blessings and eagerly looks forward to all that life has to offer. Christine Gambino is not just an aesthetic nurse; she's a force of positivity and inspiration, making lives more beautiful both inside and out.

Emma Nekoroski

Aesthetic Nurse
Emma is not just a Registered Nurse, she's also a licensed Electrologist, bringing a unique blend of skills and expertise to our practice. She earned her BSN from Endicott College and initially embarked on a fulfilling career in Maternal Newborn Health in the bustling city of Boston. After her experiences in maternal care, Emma felt a calling to contribute to the world of Aesthetics, driven by her passion to help individuals look and feel their absolute best. Emma's professional journey equips her with a deep understanding of hair growth and removal, making her an authority in these areas. Her extensive experience with lasers, injections, facials, and body treatments ensures that her clients receive top-tier care and results. Beyond her role at Eminence, Emma has a vibrant life outside of work. She finds joy in teaching yoga and Barre classes, sharing her passion for wellness and self-care with others. This dedication to holistic well-being aligns perfectly with our commitment to making every client's journey towards beauty and confidence a fulfilling one. Emma is not only a skilled practitioner but also a warm and compassionate individual who dedicates herself to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. With her by your side, you can look forward to not only transformative results but also an enriching experience that goes beyond skin deep.

Julie Gafanovich

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner
Julie Gafanovich is a Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse who skillfully blends healthcare and aesthetics, using her unique background to infuse joy and confidence into the lives of her patients. Her professional journey commenced in the vibrant heart of Manhattan, where Julie spent over 12 years perfecting her craft as a hairstylist. Despite cherishing her time in hairstyling, a profound desire to impact lives more significantly continued to beckon her. In 2015, Julie transitioned into healthcare, acquiring her RN license and honing her skills as a Nurse Practitioner in critical care, providing top-notch medical care to those in need. Nevertheless, her unwavering passion for making people look and feel great remained at the forefront of her aspirations. Julie's lifelong appreciation for beauty and her keen eye for aesthetics ultimately led her to her true calling. As a Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse, specializing in medical aesthetics, she embodies her commitment to enhancing beauty and well-being. In this realm, she thrives on the profound sense of fulfillment derived from creating lasting impacts, where even the smallest touch can enhance someone's life.Beyond her professional accomplishments, Julie's greatest joy comes from her role as a wife and mother. Her two beautiful girls hold the key to her heart, inspiring her daily to be the best version of herself. Julie's dedication to her family mirrors her approach to her work in aesthetics – with boundless love and a commitment to making the world a more beautiful place, both inside and out.

Stephanie Berger

Client Concierge
Meet Stephanie Berger, our dynamic Client Concierge at Eminence Medical Aesthetics. Stephanie is driven by her passion for the world of aesthetics. She's not just enthusiastic; she's on a dedicated journey to further her education and become a registered certified nurse. Stephanie's outgoing personality and exceptional communication skills are the first rays of sunshine that greet our clients when they step through our doors. Her warm and welcoming demeanor never fails to bring smiles and put everyone at ease. When she's not making our clients' experiences exceptional, Stephanie dedicates her free time to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise. Her commitment to well-being extends beyond herself, as she cherishes moments spent with her family, creating memories and nurturing the bonds that matter most. Stephanie Berger is not just a Client Concierge; she's your friendly guide on the path to beauty and confidence. With her, every visit to Eminence Medical Aesthetics becomes a memorable one filled with positivity and personalized attention.

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