Published: December 11, 2017
Category: Ultherapy

Eminence Medical Aesthetics is a medical spa located in Princeton, New Jersey. Dr. Shawn Yunayev is the medical director, and he has a wide-ranging background in physical rehabilitation, preventive medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, nutrition, and aesthetics. Eminence Medical Aesthetics specializes in non-surgical procedures that serve as an alternative to plastic surgery. One of our most popular procedures in Ultherapy®.

What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin of the face and neck. It is, thus, a non-invasive alternative to a facelift or neck lift, and it is the only such procedure to have secured approval from the FDA. Ultherapy® can also reduce lines and wrinkles on the chest.

A special device is used during the treatment session. The device emits ultrasound that harmlessly passes through the epidermis to reach the skin’s underlying layers. The device also contains an imaging system that will enable the practitioner to locate the best area for the ultrasound. The ultrasound heats the chosen layers and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen; it also strengthens weakened collagen and elastin. Both proteins keep the skin firm and taut.

Ultherapy® is utterly non-invasive. The client won’t need anesthesia, and the practitioner won’t need to use any needles or make any incisions. The client can resume their usual activities immediately after the treatment.

Some clients may actually see an immediate improvement in their skin, but most clients have to wait some time before they start seeing results. It generally takes the body two or three months to produce new collagen.

Ultherapy® is safe and has so far been used on over half a million clients throughout the world. Ultrasound, in general, has safely been used in medical procedures for over 50 years.

Are There Other Ways to Tighten Skin?

Dermal fillers can add volume to places like the cheeks and lips, and they can also fill in wrinkles. At Eminence Medical Aesthetics, we offer a number of fillers. All of them are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the skin. The dermal fillers, therefore, won’t cause allergic reactions, and the client won’t need to undergo allergy testing before getting them.

Getting Started

Make an appointment at Eminence Medical Aesthetics in Princeton to see if Ultherapy® can work for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!

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