Acne Scar Me Not for Depressed Acne Scars

To reverse years of damage caused by acne, we employ a rigorous multi phased regimen geared to clear skin, stimulate collagen to fill depressed scars and lighten any hyperpigmentation. *Treatment plan can be repeated as needed to optimize results. Those who are open to injections can also opt for dermal filler application in order to further “fill” any remaining scars. Regular facials are recommended following this regimen to prevent further acne scars from forming. 

Summer Body for Fat, Cellulite & Loose Skin

Let us help you achieve your ultimate “summer body” any time of year with our exclusive combination of Coolsculpting for permanent fat reduction and Emsculpt Neo for extreme muscle toning and skin tightening.

About Face for Full Face Vitality

If you’re looking to totally revitalize your face without the risk of surgery, look no more! our signature combination of full face Ultherapy triggers long-term collagen and elasticity production to naturally lift and tighten your full face, while our expert application of Botox and Filler will quickly smooth away wrinkles, volumize and enhance features, leaving you looking years younger!

Hydra-Genesis for Clarity & Collagen

Our most popular combo treatment, the Hydra-Genesis achieves the benefits of a deep, clarifying facial for the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) while simultaneously stimulating long-term collagen regrowth at the dermis level (deeper layer of skin). Using each modality at the right stage of the treatment is key to achieving optimal results. The Hydra-Genesis will cleanse, exfoliate, reduce fine lines, minimizes pores, improve tone/texture and leave you absolutely glowing!

Cryo-Gcncsis for Quick Lift & Collagen

This is the ultimate “Fire & Ice” sensory facial experience! Cryo-Genesis combines the long-term benefits of collagen building through the gentle heat of Laser Genesis with the immediate benefits of toning and lifting inspired by the sub-zero temperature of the Cryofacial. The Cryo-Genesis will immediately lift and tighten your skin and is the perfect “pick-me-up” before a big event!

Color-Genesis for Pigment & Collagen

Brighten, Lighten and Tighten your skin all at once with this powerful combination of Laser Pigment correction for red and brown spots and Laser Genesis for collagen building, reversal of fine lines, pore reduction, acne and more!

Chin Up for Jawline Slimming & Definition

We use our exclusive combination of Coolsculpting (to permanently eliminate 25% of fat) followed by lower face Ultherapy (to lift and tighten) the submental area of the face. This is our most effective solution for a lower face lift. *Botox / Filler may be expertly applied to further contour and define the jawline. 

Under-Eye Solution for Tear Troughs

Perfect for anyone looking to treat hollow under eyes or under eye bags, this signature combination of Radio Frequency followed by expert application of filler or PRP will leave you looking refreshed and brighter.

Tech neck Be Gone for Neck Folds & Laxity

Suffer from skin laxity (“turkey neck”) and / or bothersome neck creases? The Tech Neck solution is the optimal option for tightening and firming loose neck skin. Ultherapy is initially used to stimulate long-term collagen and elasticity and is followed by Radio Frequency (to be repeated 3 times, monthly) to further firm the skin.  Botox may also be expertly applied to relax the muscle and lessen appearance of neck folds. 

Youthful Hands for Pigmented / Crepey Skin

Don’t let your hands give away your age! This is hands down (pun definitely intended!) the best way to revitalize the often neglected hands with out signature combination of laser pigment or Vi peel for removal of brown spots and filler for age related volume loss.

Hair Restoration

To create the look of thicker, fuller hair for both men and women, we offer the unique combination 3x-9x monthly PRP with Microneedling treatments for natural hair rejuvenation. We then follow with “Scalp Micropigmentation”, a form of semi-permanent cosmetics which replicates hair follicles by inserting small deposits of pigment to create the natural appearance of a fuller head of hair. This combination is sure to make a significant different in both appearance and confidence!

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