Published: January 23, 2017

At Eminence Medical Aesthetics we understand that there is nothing like the looks of healthy looking, beautiful, long and even eyelashes. But for many women it seems to be a problem to maintain such lashes due to genetics or health issues or lack of time to take care of the eyelashes every day.

At Eminence Medical Aesthetics we offer a long standing solution for all women who desire to achieve the best possible looking lashes: full, long, healthy looking and even on both eyes.

While there is a mascara option – it is not suitable for everyone! There is a better care-free and more cost-effective option that will make your lashes just perfect and long. Instead of buying all those serums that may or may not work or using a mascara option you should consider investing into eyelash extensions in Princeton.

It’s easy to see why women in New Jersey choose eyelash extensions over all other options. First of all, the eyelash extensions are a real cosmetic technological breakthrough of the 21 century. Instead of using removable mascara that you must reapply every day or even having to go through all the struggles with removable lashes you can enjoy long, beautiful healthy looking eyelashes after only a single visit at our medical spa. Our specially trained artist aesthetician will apply these eyelashes using medical grade glue that will make sure eyelashes are in place for 3 to 4 weeks.

Eyelashes can be removed easily and without any work on your part. They will fall out when your natural lashes fall out to be replaced with new grown lashes. You will not need an appointment to have them removed. To keep your lashes long and beautiful all that you have to do is to come for a one hour initial appointment and then much shorter appointments to keep your lashes updated.

The main benefit of the eyelash extensions in Princeton is the fact that you can wake up every day with lashes that are long and healthy looking and ready for makeup. They look fantastic without any extra makeup work. You will follow certain guidelines to make sure your eyelashes last as long as possible.

You will save a great deal on lash improvement supplements that may or may not work or mascaras. You will be in love with eyelash extensions in Princeton NJ because of these benefits:

  • Cost-effective to drastically improve how your eyelashes look.
  • Reduced time to prepare yourself for the day.
  • Eyelash extensions last up to 4 weeks.
  • Full customization for your personal style and hair color.
  • You will look stunning and sexy 24/7
  • Lash extensions are easy to improve further with makeup and mascaras.

If you are one of those women who can’t choose between cosmetic products and formulas for lashes try our eyelash extensions in Princeton NJ! While the long term spending may be similar, the comfort and ease of eyelash extensions can’t be bet. Easy to maintain day after day looking beautiful makes eyelash extensions the right choice for many women in New Jersey! Schedule your appointment with us today 888-983-2649

*Individual results may vary

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