Published: January 23, 2017
Category: Dermal Fillers

Are you spending too much on your wrinkle creams and lotions? Are these products giving you the results you really want to see?
fillers-princeton-624x438It might the perfect time to get rid of all those jars and tubes and opt in for a non surgical anti-aging treatment that really does the job: injectable dermal fillers in Princeton. Filler injections can provide astonishing benefits including but not limited to wrinkle reduction, volume restoration, scar improvement, fine lines improvement, overall youthful and fresh appearance of the face

Learn more about the many benefits of injectable fillers and how they stand out as a top choice for face anti-aging through improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, lost volume and other signs of skin aging.

No Downtime Involved with Dermal Injections in Princeton, NJ

Having no downtime is not an option if you have an active lifestyle, busy schedule, important upcoming events or travel.

Thanks to fillers in Princeton, you can have your treatment done over your lunch break and return to work or activities right away. The non invasive treatment allows you to get real results fast with little to no discomfort and without weeks spent recovering such as after having a surgical procedure.

The best part is that the filler treatment will not be obvious to other people with only slight swelling noticeable for a few days. That’s right. No sick days or cashing in vacation hours for you! You just walk out of our medical spa located in Princeton and return to your daily life.

Instant Results With Princeton Dermal Filler Injections

The bonus to no recovery time is that the results are instantaneous. White it does take several days for the final result to appear, you will see a change right after the injection when you look in the mirror in our med spa.

The fillers are proteins similar to those the body produces and therefore they are safe to inject in the areas of the face where some volume is needed, or where wrinkles and fine lines are to be smoothed out. Once the process of injecting these proteins is completed it will take a few days for them to settle in the skin for full results to appear.

Since the results are instant, dermal fillers are the top choice for last-minute skin improvements before the important events. They will provide a boost in your youthful appearance in days, not months, while facelifts and other facial surgeries take months to heal for the final result. You should also take the cost and possible side effects of the surgery into consideration.

*Individual results may vary

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