Published: January 23, 2017
Category: Dermal Fillers

fillers-princeton-njIf a chance of potential complications and side effects of a facial surgery have been keeping you from treating your aging facial skin, fillers can give you just the right effect without all the complications.

The danger of medical grade fillers is practically nonexistent and the adverse reactions are extremely rare. The number of filler treatments is huge throughout the world and because the fillers are biocompatible — they are generally safe and do not produce a hypersensitivity response.

Ask us about Resylane in Princeton and Juvederm in Princeton – our most popular dermal fillers. Our doctor will identify the right filler for your needs. Since there are different areas on the face that require specific fillers to be used, the doctor will custom tailor your filler treatment.

Restore Your Facial Volume with Fillers in Princeton

Wrinkles and marks on the face are one sign of the aging skin, but lost facial volume is another major sign. Because our faces are constantly being pulled by the Earth’s gravity, together with lost facial volume and fat being stored at the jawline creates an appearance of the tired looks and sagging face.

While fillers cannot make major changes such as the ones achievable with facial plastic surgery, they can restore lost volume, add volume to lips, fill in scars and dings in the skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines, improve facial contours and smoothness and give a fresher and healthier look on the face.

What are the limits of facial fillers?

While fillers Princeton are a wonderful treatment that can accomplish a lot of goals, it’s not a total substitute for facial surgery. Fillers cannot reshape your nose or facial geometry, but they can make your face looking younger and reverse the signs of aging. You should consider these facts when opting in for fillers:

  • They can’t give long lasting results. Most fillers will last around four to six months, with some particular brands lasting a year or more. The term of your results will rely on upon the brand of filler utilized and the area of the treatment. Fillers can be done as a touch up if the result is desired to be lasting longer.
  • Fillers won’t renew the aging skin (look into lasers, lights and facials for this). Aging is a normal process and implies that the skin will get saggy and rougher with age with fat volume gathering around the jawline. There is no way to remove excess skin with dermal fillers.
  • Fillers do not remove excess fat. As we said earlier, the fat tends to relocate itself in the lower part of the face with age. Fillers can add back lost volume and thus improve wrinkles, fine lines and dings in the skin. Look into other non surgical solutions that we offer to take care of those issues that fillers are not capable of removing.

*Individual results may vary

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