Published: October 5, 2023

Meet Stephanie Berger, our dynamic Client Concierge at Eminence Medical Aesthetics. Stephanie is driven by her passion for the world of aesthetics. She’s not just enthusiastic; she’s on a dedicated journey to further her education and become a registered certified nurse. Stephanie’s outgoing personality and exceptional communication skills are the first rays of sunshine that greet our clients when they step through our doors. Her warm and welcoming demeanor never fails to bring smiles and put everyone at ease. When she’s not making our clients’ experiences exceptional, Stephanie dedicates her free time to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise. Her commitment to well-being extends beyond herself, as she cherishes moments spent with her family, creating memories and nurturing the bonds that matter most. Stephanie Berger is not just a Client Concierge; she’s your friendly guide on the path to beauty and confidence. With her, every visit to Eminence Medical Aesthetics becomes a memorable one filled with positivity and personalized attention.

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