Published: October 5, 2023

Julie Gafanovich is a Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse who skillfully blends healthcare and aesthetics, using her unique background to infuse joy and confidence into the lives of her patients. Her professional journey commenced in the vibrant heart of Manhattan, where Julie spent over 12 years perfecting her craft as a hairstylist. Despite cherishing her time in hairstyling, a profound desire to impact lives more significantly continued to beckon her. In 2015, Julie transitioned into healthcare, acquiring her RN license and honing her skills as a Nurse Practitioner in critical care, providing top-notch medical care to those in need. Nevertheless, her unwavering passion for making people look and feel great remained at the forefront of her aspirations. Julie’s lifelong appreciation for beauty and her keen eye for aesthetics ultimately led her to her true calling. As a Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse, specializing in medical aesthetics, she embodies her commitment to enhancing beauty and well-being. In this realm, she thrives on the profound sense of fulfillment derived from creating lasting impacts, where even the smallest touch can enhance someone’s life.Beyond her professional accomplishments, Julie’s greatest joy comes from her role as a wife and mother. Her two beautiful girls hold the key to her heart, inspiring her daily to be the best version of herself. Julie’s dedication to her family mirrors her approach to her work in aesthetics – with boundless love and a commitment to making the world a more beautiful place, both inside and out.

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