Published: April 24, 2017
Category: Dermal Fillers, Juvederm

If you want to reduce your wrinkles, then it might be time to consider Juvederm®. Juvederm® offers the advantage of noticeable, natural, long-lasting results. Like other hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, Juvederm® is an injectable gel designed to fill the hollow spaces that cause deep wrinkles and facial lines.

How Juvederm® Reduces Facial Wrinkles

As you grow older, your skin begins to show signs of aging as the body starts producing smaller amounts of hyaluronic acid. This has a negative impact on your face because your skin needs this substance to stay hydrated and radiant.

Juvederm® is made to replace the hyaluronic acid within your skin. By replacing lost HA, dermal fillers add volume and smooth away the wrinkles on your face. Juvederm stands apart from other fillers by providing results that last up to a year. This makes it an ideal treatment for those who want to go longer without having to think about touch-up treatments.

What Is Juvederm®?

This effective injectable is known as a cosmetic filler made from stabilized hyaluronic acid. The fact that it’s not made from animal products makes it an especially popular choice among many patients.

The substance that Juvederm® is made with can be found naturally within the body, and it’s an essential compound for fullness and volume. Since Juvederm® is a biodegradable formula, your body will naturally break it down over time.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

First, we will let you know everything you need to know about treatment during your consultation. When you come in for the treatment, we will prepare you for the injections. The procedure is very simple and consists of a handful of injections that will deposit the substance into the hollow areas of your face.

Once injected, the formula offers instant results. After the injections are finished, you can leave the office and return to your daily activities. The duration of your treatment session will depend on which areas you would like to treat, but one session is all you will need to see fantastic results.

What Are the Benefits?

If you’re considering this treatment option, you should be fully aware of all the benefits it offers. One of the top reasons why patients choose this treatment is simply because of the results it provides. Juvederm® delivers results that look and feel natural. You’ll also benefit from the fact that the results are instant, and you will get to watch them improve even more over time.

Another benefit is the fast treatment time, which can usually be finished under and hour. There is no downtime or recovery, and if you don’t like the results, they can be reversed with a follow-up treatment. Once you’ve decided to reduce your facial wrinkles, Juvederm® can help. Eminence Medical Aesthetics proudly provides clients in Princeton with this popular injectable among our many effective dermal fillers. Schedule your consultation with us to learn more!

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