Published: August 6, 2018
Category: Microblading

Eyebrows are often underrated, but they can define a person’s entire face.  A good brow is transformative and luscious; full brows are currently the trend.  Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with eyebrows that follow fashion  That is only part of the reason why microblading has become so increasingly popular as of late. Despite the treatment’s popularity, we find that many of our clients do not know much about how the cosmetic enhancement works. We have compiled some of the most common queries we receive about microbalding. For more information, please contact Eminence Medical Aesthetics.

1. What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a chance to throw out your eyebrow pencil!  It is a semi-permanent treatment similar to a finely administered eyebrow tattoo.  It is unique in that hair stroke lines are made that mimic natural eyebrow hair. The results are brows that look more full and shapely.  It is important to note, though, that the microblading process is far more refined than an eyebrow tattoo.  The latter method leaves a bulky fake looking result rather than the “almost hair” results microblading offers.

2. How Does Microblading In NJ Work?

Microblading in NJ works via the infliction of several tiny superficial cuts into your brow area.  The cuts are filled in with pigment to make them darker causing the brows to appear fuller. The treatment can also be used to reshape the brows in a way that allows them to better frame and compliment your face. The level of control microblading offers is the reason that its final results look nearly indistinguishable from natural brows.

3. Is The Treatment Painful?

Your comfort is our ultimate priority.  Prior to beginning your treatment, we will apply a numbing ointment to maximize your comfort.  The level of sensation you feel is similar to getting your eyebrows threaded, plucked or waxed.

4. How Long Does The Session Take?

There are several stages involved in a microblading session.  Our ultimate goal is to achieve the best results possible.  First, we outline your brow parameters.  Then, we focus on the shape, arch, and thickness of your brows. The process takes a lot of precision and attention to detail.  We generally tell our clients to allot one to two hours for the entire session.

5. What Happens During Recovery?

During the healing process, you will not be able to get your brows wet.  The intensity of the color will fade to a more natural coloring after about a week.

6. How Long Will My Results Last?

The pigments used in microblading will eventually fade.  The average lifetime of most people’s results are between one to three years. We recommend getting a touch up about 12 months following your initial treatment.

If you would like more information on microblading in NJ or are ready to schedule a consultation, please reach out to us here at Eminence Medical Aesthetics. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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