Published: January 23, 2017

Look your best 24/7!


You can now always wake up in the morning with makeup already on. It gets even better:  it will stay on throughout the busy day without the need to reapply the makeup!

This is why permanent makeup will be the solution of choice for females of all ages who desire  to look their best around the clock in the office, at the beach and during the travel.

The answer to why medical, business professionals and others who must look their best throughout the day choose permanent makeup in Princeton is because of how convenient it is not having to spend time touching and up and making up and being able to concentrate on the daily tasks.

For the Eyes

Permanent eyeliners can beatify sparse lashes and provide more definition to those lashes that became thin or faded. Since it doesn’t get messy, it is an ideal choice for athletes, those with contacts, those who tend to get messy with cosmetics, and disabled and medically impaired people who have trouble applying cosmetics.

We have various eyeliner styles to pick from and they can be tailored for the shape of the client’s eye. We offer “lash enhancement” for which we will implant pigment between your lashes and a bit above them. It’s ideal for you if you don’t like wearing any makeup but would like your lashes to appear thinker. Your choices are thin or thick line and slightly smeared upper and lower eyeliner.

We have to note that the darker your skin complexion is the less contrast you will see between the liner and the skin.

For the Eyebrows

There is nothing like those beautiful nicely shaped eyebrows that make you stand out from the rest and draw attention to your cheek bones. In a way they resemble an expensive frame that shows the value and beauty of the painting!

If you are one of those who understands the importance of the well shaped brows and would like to make sure they are as good as they can be by restoring or reshaping them – the permanent eyebrows procedure is exactly what you want! You will enjoy the eyelift this procedure will give you as well. We are a well known medical spa in NJ that can give you the best looking 3D hair stroke on your eye brows. We can “restore” the looks of those with blank canvas due to alopecia, trichitillomania, or clients undergoing chemo therapy.

You can even change the color of the brows during your once a year touch up visits!

*Individual results may vary

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