Published: January 8, 2018
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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years. This type of healing and rejuvenation treatment is used to accelerate healthy tissue growth after an injury has occurred, and it’s also a means to revitalize the facial skin. This treatment has also been shown to help awaken dormant hair follicles. The action is the same, only in the case of hair regrowth, it’s the follicles that are stimulated.

Although it’s not a solution for total hair loss, PRP therapy is often a good choice for stimulating regrowth in areas of patterned baldness, and the therapy is performed on both men and women. The advantages are many and include hair restoration without transplanting.

How It Works
Hair strands are long strings of packed-together cells that have died. Think of them like dinner plates stacked to the ceiling. These cells are formed within the follicles and are pushed slowly above the skin surface. All follicles go through a resting phase, but the follicles are out of sync with each other. When a follicle rests for a few months, the hair strand eventually falls out, and this is what we see in our hairbrush or comb.

Some people experience patterned baldness or thinning strands on part of their scalp. The follicles in these areas are not re-activating. The idea behind PRP therapy for hair loss is to jumpstart the active phasing of these otherwise dormant follicles.

The growth factors in PRP act as messengers to create healthy tissue or to prompt cell function. When enough platelets are introduced around a dormant, resting hair follicle, the follicle wakes up and starts producing hair cells once more.

The Procedure
We need to consult with you first so that we can observe the areas of patterned baldness or thinning hair strands. We will also want to look at the client’s medical history to see if there’s any possibility that the baldness is being caused by something else.

The procedure itself is rather simple. We draw a small volume of blood from the client and concentrate the platelets by spinning the blood and separating out the plasma from the red cells. The platelet count is now very high. We inject the PRP into the dermal layers of the scalp. In some cases, we will perform microneedling on the scalp first and then simply rub the PRP into the channel wounds.

Depending on the severity of the hair loss, we may schedule five or more treatments, spaced apart by a month or so for healing. Many of our clients begin to see new hair growth and thickened strands within two months of their initial treatment.

Learn More About PRP For Hair Growth
You can indeed rejuvenate your hair follicles. So long as they aren’t dead, they can be activated once more. Contact us today at Eminence Medical Aesthetics to schedule your consultation.

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